우주는 우리를 돕고 있습니다.
많은 사람들이 의식 있는 삶에
눈을 떠가고 있습니다. 빛의 지
구는 내면에 있는 다양한 차원
의 의식을 통합하여 평화와 조
화의 빛을 내기 시작하는 사람
들의 교류 장소입니다.



This week-end I had an interesting experience that I would like
to relate to you. Some of the ideas will go along what this list
has been saying, whereas others may be disturbing for some. Again
always remember to use your own discernment and to remember that
the Ps., as they are called in some circles, have never been very
loving creatures.

The Channeling session took place in the house of Barbara Marciniak
famous author of three books about Pleidians (the bringers of dawn,
Earth, Family of Light). Barb has been channeling Ps. for more than
15 years and I attended a few of her sessions in the past when she
was in NC at home, resting from her busy schedules. While in the past
I did not have too many precise questions, this time, I had done my
homework. There was about 22 people, some coming from states as far
as Georgia and Maryland. Most people are regular attendees and have
been following Barb. for quite some time. The session took place in
the comfort of her home and started as usual by the very deep sound
of a gong (of saturnian resonance - from the sign engraved on it).

After a few minutes of bathing in the vibrations of the gong, Barb.
puts herself in trance with some breathing and let the entity/ies
take control of her voice and limbs. Her accent switches immediately
from the good ol southern accent to a british almost scottish
coloration, and the pitch of her voice goes from low to high. The
session lasted 5 hours, with a small break of 20 minutes.

The message delivered by the Ps. was not really fascinating and
short. I did not care much as I knew the interesting Q&A
session would come faster. The Ps. gave us almost 4 hours of Q&A
and a dialogue could almost be established, which is very practical
in itself.

Most of the questions from the audience where centered around
everyday subjects such as: "I was in a restaurant, picked up some
creamers and they disappeared from my view. Do you think they
were transferred to another dimension?" And the Ps. would patiently
respond that the Earth is now changing its vibration and that
it is quite common for some objects to disappear and re-appear later
on at different places. There were a few similar questions about
missing newspapers.....etc. While the answers were interesting in
themselves, I thought in myself that it was a waste of time to
interact with ETs for such mundane preoccupation's. I understood
that the audience was made of long time followers and perhaps they
had exhausted the list of important and relevant questions. Perhaps
did they know that they are also some questions that may not been asked
as Karen (Barb's sister) warned me once.

My first question was: "Where it seems obvious for most of the Earth's people
that American people are manipulated beyond belief, when will the
masses in the USA wake up to this fact?" The Ps. seemed quite interested
by this subject and jumped on it, confirming what we have been reading
in great lengths in this list for quite some time: The masses are
artificially put asleep by TV, additives in the food and water, chem-trails
and medications such as Prozac. They indicated that these medications
develop tiny crystalline structures in the brain, capable of receiving
signals sent from satellites orbiting above all countries. They indicated
that all current governments are corrupted beyond belief and insisted
on the Bloodlines issued from England (they mentioned the Queen) and
supervising the entire elite's of this world. It was also indicated that
Prozac and other medications prevent people from dreaming at night or
during the day and therefore from creating a different and better reality.
They continued by saying that the Elite's were extremely worried and would
go to any extent to stop people from ascending and creating a better
world. They kept on exposing some of the truths we have been discussing
in this list and on Rense/Icke's web sites. They discussed why the
re-birthing process is becoming illegal in Colorado and soon in other
states of the USA, as it unlocks energy blockages in the body and allows
the human being access to other realms. Not all states will pass the
law, though. They talked about the now controlled access to vitamins
and complements and indicated that, as it was recently voted in Europe,
you will soon need a subscription to get your Vitamins. They also
indicated that the Gov. is now attacking what is the most precious to
human life: the water. This is done by drought artificially created
and by TV/Medical campaigns, indicating that doctors have recently
discovered that it was not necessary to drink additional water, that
water ingested through vegetables and fruits - and sodas - was enough
to sustain the body. In addition, it is no longer "cool" to be shown
with a water bottle in your hands. In short, everything that helps your
cells becoming crystalline is being prevented or rejected. Another proof
if ever needed......

My next question was: "When will Nesara be implemented?" (I did not
indicate what Nesara was and who was driving the show - Apparently
nobody knew what it was in the audience, besides 1 person). The Ps.
started describing the White Knights and what was going on in the back
ground of the political scene. They traced the roots to military people
disagreeing with the past administrations and compared it to a true
scale revolution slowly boiling up. As far as the deadlines, the Ps.
indicated that it will not occur yet as not enough people are aware of
it and ready for the truth about who is governing them. They were adamant
about the fact that people who know must speak to their neighbors, postman,
anybody about what is going on, without taking political stands. They say
it will be many months or years before the entire population wakes up and
rebel, similarly to what happened in France, in 1789. They also indicated
that what was deployed to annihilate the masses and keep them in control
was beyond beliefs and that we were just uncovering the top of the iceberg.

My next question was about Nibiru and its coming into our solar system.
The answer was that this stellar body has been tracked down since the
70's upon request of the British Bloodlines. The bloodlines are very
worried about this coming and will do whatever it takes to shut down
the information and turn this event into a fear for the humans. The
Ps. indicated that Planet X will not bring havoc as described by
certain manipulated underground sources, except for the bloodlines
themselves. The Ps. mentioned that the Elite will shut down the
Earth observatories when the body is becoming too obvious. It will
be necessary for independent astronomers to continue the observations.
The Ps. indicated that a massive mass trauma orchestrated by the media's
- totally corrupted according to them - was about to take place. According
to the Ps., the death of Princess Diana, 911 have been orchestrated - among
many goals - to study the reaction of masses to massive fears and traumas.
The science and technology behind is extremely evolved and the next show will
unfold soon: An ET invasion (as indicated by Steven Greer) with full
sightings above major cities and grey clones attacking us. Mass hysteria
will prevail and the take over will be attempted. They did not indicate
if it would succeed, but only warned us from this scenario.

After my questions, other people took the energy level to a lighter
level, with some personal questions. My last attempt at questions was
regarding the Ascension of the planet and the splitting of the Earth
into multiple dimensions and .... I was interrupted by the Ps. and
could not finish formulating my request. Their tone changed totally
and although always polite, started attacking me personally. They
indicated that this material had been covered previously and that
there was no need for them to cover it again. They went on saying that
I was asking too many questions and that I should work on myself
instead of wondering about the planet and its future - which is
certainly true and a good advice. The tone shocked me as it shocked
other people in the audience, as some apologized to me for their rudeness.
They went on and on, rambling and attacking, and I felt like being
summoned by ETs. Quite an experience in itself..... My ego did not take
it too personally, as their comments applied probably to many curious
people in the audience, and it confirmed in my mind what I had always
thought about them and their total lack of love for the Human race.
The word Love was not mentioned a single time in almost 5 hours.
Probably sensing my distress and boiling urge to ask more inquisitive questions
about them, they closed the sessions, thanked everybody for attending
and departed, leaving Barbara recovering in her seat. Obviously, I had
reached one of their taboos, as Karen had warned me long time ago. There
are certain things that they do not wish to cover regarding the ascension
of our planet. I have not checked if this material was indeed covered by them
before, and will do in the future. Interestingly enough, after the session
I noticed the eyes of certain people in the audience avoiding to look at
me, like if I was plagued with some diseases for daring asking difficult
questions. Another confirmation that these people have not yet embodied
love and compassion: what will happen to them when they understand how
they have been manipulated by Humans and ETs as well.

Reflecting upon what happened and the conversation I had later on that night
with Barbara, it confirms what I have always thought: they are helping us
to awake our genetic memory, because they have strong karmic relationships
with us and have a large debt to repay, regarding the shutdown of our
ability to perceive and understand. There is no love as you may feel from
Sirians or the Hierarchy, just the sensation that they have to repay
a debt. I doubt that this group is from Annanuki origins, but let's
not forget that "regular" Pleidians got rid of the Annanuki family and let
them ransom this solar system to be in peace on their planet. Somehow
they own a piece of this karma. Their presentation is always to the facts,
and to the mechanism for understanding and awake our memories but love and
support are missing.

Following that tumultuous end, I sat with Barbara, who had no recollection
of what was said - she tapes all her sessions - and talked with her about
the Ps' true motive. She confirmed that they were here to help us, because
of karmic relationships but could not elaborate to what will happen to them,
if we fail ascending. Interestingly enough, she told me that she would make
it, and that it would be up to everybody's to do it. No massive help
would be given in that direction. We went on chatting about the New Age
community and its various players. The following may shock some of you, but
remember that it is only the perception of a single person, who has been
touring New Age shows throughout the world for the last 15 years. We talked
about Steven Greer and she indicated that she was feeling a bad energy from
the disclosure group, like a government agency in charge of unveiling some
of the hidden truths. David Icke: lots of information cleverly put together
but too big an ego to be totally reliable. Sheldan Niddle: A government agent
with very little knowledge and poor energy work. I will not unveil the other
names and what was said about them, as it is less than pleasant and really
does not serve any purposes. Barb. indicated that there were a few truly
genuine people, but that they were most of the time unknown from the public
as they cannot publish their books. The name of John Rapapport (sp?) was
considered in high esteem. She indicated that she had suffered from repeated
attacks in her life (easy to believe), that people had stolen materials from
her and that she never got married, got children or a family and dedicated
her life to her work.

As a conclusion, I would like to report an interesting and personal story
which occurred on that night. During the session, a lizard entered the room
and did not seem bothered by that many people. From what I understand, it
happens quite frequently with Barbara. While talking to her, I was very close
and studied carefully her face and hands. Her eyes are dark and hard almost
split vertically (in my imagination....:-)). Her skin, although tanned and
healthy has this strange scaly appearance. I could not prevent myself
from thinking that she is a reptile somewhere in her DNA (Remember that
Pleidians are a cross of humans and reptilians). During the session, and
using my less than perfect vision, I was able to lightly perceive the
energy around her head, terminated by a tunnel of light going well above
her body. The most interesting part of the story and a confirmation of
what I think was when I came back to my home and slipped quietly in bed
near my wife (it was 1:30 AM). When I touched her slightly, she jumped
almost out of the bed, repulsed by my energy. She told me she felt like a
snake had just been entering the bed.

I'd better do some cleaning on myself.


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