우주는 우리를 돕고 있습니다.
많은 사람들이 의식 있는 삶에
눈을 떠가고 있습니다. 빛의 지
구는 내면에 있는 다양한 차원
의 의식을 통합하여 평화와 조
화의 빛을 내기 시작하는 사람
들의 교류 장소입니다.



(A Biographical Excerpt from "YOUR FIRST CONTACT")

I was born in New York City on November 11, 1946 and raised in Buffalo, New York. My first extraterrestrial and spacecraft experiences began shortly after birth. My early childhood was highlighted by various forms of contact phenomena and by their accompanying manifestations: light-form communications, extraterrestrial visitations, and teaching/learning sessions on board spacecraft. For most of my life, I have enjoyed ongoing telepathic communications with the Galactic Federation of Light via etheric and physical implants. I have visually observed and physically experienced spacecraft throughout the years.

From very early childhood, the Sirians and their Galactic Federation of Light allies closely watched over me. I saw them as physical Angels who regularly talked to me, guided me, and protected me from harm. To monitor me during the night, the Sirians sent bright, pale blue orbs of light into my room. These globes of light followed me, constantly, around the house. From birth, I possessed telekinetic abilities; I moved objects about without touching them, and easily closed or opened doors and turned on lights with my mind.

Initially, the person from whom the Sirians and the Galactic Federation of Light allies protected me most was my own father, Harry Nidle. He was a powerful, angry man who, confronted by events he did not understand, meted out brutal punishment. A stocky former professional boxer and fight manager, my dad struck out physically at situations that confused and frightened him. Bewildered by the extraordinary events that surrounded me, he responded viscerally by beating me constantly.

Our family was not well off, but my mother was committed to teaching me about the world around us and made it her project to instill in me a love of books and reading. My parents' dilemma lay in their shared fear of what I represented. They both discerned that something unknown had brought me into their lives, and they declared this recognition every day, through either incredible deference to my every whim or lightning strikes of physical and/or emotional violence. Moreover, my own ambivalence toward the two realities to which I belonged became progressively more overwhelming as I grew older.

My mother, Thelma, grew up in a family ruled over by a terrifying and indomitable mother. At Thelma's funeral, her surviving siblings jokingly referred to their mother as the 'dragon lady'. To their generation, this phrase was code for an extremely controlling and self-serving type of woman. Mom's response to her upbringing was to become docile, on the one hand, and extremely manipulative on the other.

Early in the Depression, the University of Buffalo offered Mom a full 4-year scholarship in mathematics. She declined, choosing instead to keep the books for her parents' bakery. Yet, despite all the grief that her family eventually caused her, she remained devoted to them. She once confessed to me that it was her misplaced family loyalties that had brought us back to her hometown of Buffalo, in 1949.

My dad, Harry Nidle, was a very complex individual. At times, his emotions raged out of control. Like his father, he was known for his stubborn and uncompromising disposition. He dropped out of high school in 11th grade to pursue his love of physical culture and boxing, but later, rebuffed his father's attempts to find him temporary apprenticeship jobs in the city's building trade unions to tide him over. Yet, despite a life-long dislike of formal learning that made his life difficult, he prevailed.

My earliest childhood recollections are filled with the gentle, loving presence of Washta, my Sirian guide. Close to him, always, were the many loving and caring Beings who treated me with reverence. Washta's protectiveness of me, in those first years, rivaled only that of my adoring grandfather, Max Nidle. He was a passionate man, famous throughout his Bronx neighborhood for his fiery temper. By trade an interior designer, Max was known to all as a powerful ward boss for the city's Democratic political machine, Tammany Hall. When I was barely three, however, my parents moved far away from Max and the Bronx, to upstate Buffalo. It was there that my life-long contact truly began in earnest.

From the start, the Sirians, and especially Washta, seemed to have a plan. They talked to me constantly about a grand mission to Earth of which I was to be a part. They told me that whatever abuse I was enduring now was only a necessary learning experience that I was destined, later, to transform. Instead of the pain, I was to focus on the love my parents had felt in creating me. Repeatedly, Washta told me, "Remember, you are not alone". The Sirians watched over me continually. Whenever required, a special Sirian medical team would heal my physical injuries. Of immediate importance was that I play and grow, and, at the proper times, be educated for what I was later meant to accomplish.

One of the most bizarre elements of my childhood was my father's constant physical abuse. Again and again, he left me for dead, sprawled on my bedroom floor or curled on the bed in the fetal position. The Sirian medical team would promptly teleport me up to the Mothership or to a nearby scout ship. They worked furiously to restore me to pristine health - no bumps, no bruises and no broken bones. They would then send me back to my bedroom, usually in a deep, healing sleep-state, unable to awaken until morning.

Let me state that in my youth, among many other psychic gifts, I possessed a well-developed telepathic ability, which I used to acquire a better understanding of what I was experiencing. After the age of five, I began to notice that most individuals on this planet did not publicly exhibit such abilities and seemed to fumble around with little or no comprehension of what was happening to them.

Telepathy made it easy for me to perceive what people were really thinking and even what they intended to do. I formed a profound impression that most people on this planet were usually confused, severely limited and very negative. Almost everyone lied occasionally; a few persons frequently deceived friends and family. This realization made me wonder, even more intensely, why I was here.

One of the positive ways in which I utilized telepathy was to guide people whom I met. After watching them react to what was being said or done, I was able to put helpful thoughts into their heads or clarify a question that they desperately wished answered. However, by age 12, I began to feel that I needed to discard my unusual psychic abilities. These powers made many of my friends very uncomfortable. Worse, my dad had replaced his physical battering with unceasing emotional and mental abuse and yelled at me unrelentingly about them. Determined to find some peace at home, I began, at age 13, to shut down my telekinesis so that, by the time I was 17, I had almost totally discarded my telepathic abilities.

The Sirians and, later, some notable Andromedan scientists, told me about the necessity of assisting Mother Earth through its period of transition. Those who came to help Earth had to have a full understanding of what life was like in this society. The process required a number of daring souls to willingly experience incarnation as Earth Beings.

The Galactic Federation project directors regarded the mission as most difficult. It was a pivotal task that involved several different possible scenarios. Zakumadi, an Andromedan scientist, was renowned throughout the Galactic Federation of Light for her profound wisdom on these weighty matters. Washta arranged for me to meet her to clarify some of my increasing confusion. Her conversations with me are ones that I shall never forget.

Although Zakumadi's wisdom helped me to re-assess my early life, it did not, at that time, allow me to release all of my pain. I fervently wished to find some solace from the horrors I had suffered at the hands of my dad: I felt his behavior toward me had a deeper meaning. Later, Zakumadi told me that my ill treatment had been meant to put right some early karma from the end of Atlantis. Yet, this explanation held a still greater significance for me, which I did not clearly grasp until much later in life. But let us return to my mentor and most loving guide, Washta.

Washta is a Being of great Light and infinite Love. He stands over seven feet - more than two meters - tall, with broad shoulders and a very well formed body. Washta has an oblong head covered with heavy, shoulder-length and sandy blonde hair. His eyes are blue and piercing, and his thin lips readily display a most awe-inspiring smile. His voice is deep, yet very melodious: his wondrous laugh is infectious and turned my deepest frowns into long episodes of ecstatic laughter. He exudes a perfect Love, filled with a great wisdom.

Washta's entourage was almost always quite large, usually consisting of 50 to 100 people. The Mothership's personnel constantly seemed to be at his beck and call. Frequently, when I saw him there, he was dressed in multi-layered diaphanous gowns of light blue or royal purple. Each layer sparkled like an endless pattern of sequins. As he strolled along beside me, his elegant, golden sandals barely seemed to touch the marble-like floors.

The usual place for my training sessions was the main Sirian Mothership. Through the portholes of a scout ship, I often saw it looming above me. Football-shaped and over 300 miles (some 480 kilometers) in diameter, this immense ship always glowed and twinkled like an enormous star.

Washta frequently reminded me, as we approached, that neither Earth's military nor its astronomers were able to see the Sirian Mothership. Its light frequencies were too high and it employed a force field that, by bending the visible light around it, made it appear cloaked. When we adjusted our perception to these distortions, it became visible to us.

Our Sirian scout ship was one of over 50,000 such ships that were stationed on the main Sirian Mothership. Approximately 100 feet (about 30.5 meters) in diameter, our scout was shaped like a huge orb with a special mid-section that bulged slightly, like a small airfoil, for about 12 feet (a little over 3 meters). The portholes, actually special holograms, allowed you to look outside.

Other scout ships contained up to five decks, whereas on this type, there were three. The lowest level was set aside for storage and other purposes. Usually, I was told by the chief pilot to remain on this bottom deck. The other decks were used for flight operations and scientific observations; occasionally, I was allowed to visit these levels while the crew was busy doing their work.

On the Sirian Mothership, our frequent destination was a well-appointed conference room. It was as large as a football field, with starkly white walls and a glowing pink ceiling, embellished with peach-colored swirls. Strangely pleated walls soared nearly 20 feet (over 6 meters) in height. They glowed oddly, as if lit from within, and were bright enough to light up the entire room.

The light was not at all harsh, but quite pleasant and soft. I discovered that the walls were organic: they seemed almost alive, cool to the touch, and noticeably resilient. In the central area of this enormous room was an extremely large, oblong conference table, surrounded by about sixty chairs, with many more arranged behind them. Above the entire length of the table floated, as if by magic, a very thin, brightly colored rod. From it, the Sirians projected, at will, various pertinent 3-D holographic images, fully interactive with anyone in the room.

To get there, we were first greeted by the ship's 'presence' (actually an artificial organic Being) and then followed her extended hallways to our destination. These hallways were noted for their slightly curved walls that glowed with a bright but most pleasing light. The floors were unusual in that they seemed to meet your foot with every step you took. Hence, you felt refreshed at each tread and the long distances we traveled seemed very short. During this journey, Washta talked to me about today's lesson and about important events in my life. Once we reached our destination, Washta simply commanded the ship to open the conference room and an open door would suddenly appear in the wall.

Sessions with Washta, or any other instructor, always began with a very loving conversation. Focused on my feelings at the time, they were intended to assist in my development or to resolve any day-to-day problems. They also prepared the way beautifully for the lessons to come, which employed two instructional aids.

The first was the aforementioned brightly colored rod suspended above the conference table. First, the rod projected a large 3-D image of whatever was being described and then, a learning game began. As I played the game, I was clearly aware of the joy of life aboard the ship. This was a world in which wisdom, Love and Light emanated from all. In the Sirian culture, consciousness is a wondrous, godly gift meant to be experienced to the fullest.

There was a second learning tool. On the conference table, placed in front of each chair, was a small panel. From it extended life-like holograms of any size or shape, which slowly formed, rose and moved about the room. They were very interactive and you were able to easily command them, converse or play with them, even learn from them. I enjoyed participating in them, for, like the brightly colored rod, they taught me effortlessly and joyously through fun and games. (See Figure 2: The Main Conference Hall.).

Learning sessions with the Sirians lasted for many hours, but seemed like mere minutes. A phenomenal amount of astonishing information was freely given. Washta explained that they wished me to understand a type of science not yet fully explored on Earth - the science of consciousness, containing the principles for creating all things. In their world, this consciousness or spiritual science was paramount. Out of it flowed all forms of creativity, along with the solutions to any potential problem. A Sirian proverb described this unique science quite simply: "Nothing in the Universe is without solution, nor does it occur without a reason. Any Being of Light can determine why it occurs and for what reason."

During these intensive learning sessions, the Sirians impressed upon me that life is a grand adventure of consciousness. Each segment of your life is but a slight bend in the path, signaling the start of yet another new episode in an ongoing, grand adventure. Even in life's darkest moments, you need to maintain an open, positive attitude to your life.

Such a positive attitude is extremely solution-focused. Its application means that, instead of denying your emotions, you embrace them fully. Use all that the Creator has given you, in order to completely experience the events that will help you to learn and grow. From this knowledge comes wisdom that can help others. Life is perfectly interconnected: lessons you have mastered can be conveyed to others. Knowledge is Life's greatest gift. It generates a joy for living and brings you an intense inner Love, which you can easily transmit to others.

Out of this profound Love for life arises the joy of compassion. Compassion is expressed through heart-felt grace and profound gratitude for all that you are experiencing. Every experience, ultimately, is positive in nature. Every lesson is an opportunity to discover the solution to a potential problem. Before you incarnated, you fully investigated your present reality with your many personal guides and spiritual mentors. The key is to love yourself and all others. The greatest gift that you give yourself is Love. When you stay centered in this holy Light, you can easily fulfill your destiny.

Again and again Washta would say to me: "The true nature of this reality is divine Love. The Creator is within all of us. We are a deep reflection of each other." The purpose of my education was to prepare me to bring this simple, yet profound, message to this phase of humanity. Washta's words have been spoken many times during Earth's recorded history.

The difference, now, is that the grand adventure embodied in our existence is about to 'hit the expressway' that leads us to our destiny. This road is the throughway to a majestic homecoming. It will lead us, unerringly, out of the current miasma of limited consciousness to a full _expression of who we truly are. In so doing, it will guide us back to our space kin. What I observed, continually, on the Sirian Mothership greatly amplified my understanding of my personal role in this grand adventure.

In its own unique fashion, Sirian Mothership possess a loving consciousness. Every Mothership has a wise personality, which easily conveys its kindly desire to serve its crew. Its sincere service is seen and felt in the great Love it constantly projects throughout the ship. There is an inner sense that the crew and its ship are one.

This oneness allows any potential task to be accomplished easily and lovingly, and spills over into everything that is done on the ship. There is a constant movement of interconnected consciousness, which is self-organizing and urges creativity to the forefront. In this environment, a joy that dissolves days into hours, and hours into m,inutes, is ever-present.

Whenever the end of a learning session arrived, I was overcome with sadness. To know that it was time to return, once more, to Earth often brought tears to my eyes; leaving this empathetic environment was always difficult for me. My instructors were my very special friends and kin: we were a spiritual pod (family) that clicked in every way. They were the type of individuals I so profoundly longed to meet on Earth.

To me, the Sirian Mothership was a place of bountiful love and deep compassion for all that I represent. It was a special place, where learning and profound wisdom were revealed every day. Most of all, it was the place where I met Washta and his special staff, and where, together, we shared a vision about Earth and its forthcoming prophesied destiny.

The journey back to Earth was usually a swift one. Washta, or a few members of his entourage, walked me along a series of corridors. After what seemed a very long stroll, our group would suddenly stop and face what seemed like a blank wall in the corridor. At a prearranged phrase from Washta or the group leader, a door would instantly appear in the wall. Behind the door was a large room, staffed by a few attendants, and furnished with two or three rows of twenty beds each. In fact, each bed was really a special kind of teleportation device. Above each was a long, thin, silvery rod.

One of the room's attendants led me to a selected bed and I would lie, face up, gazing at the silver rod. The pillow on the bed was soft and comfortable. Once I was in position, the attendant would ask if I were relaxed. When I said 'yes', a strange, whirling noise filled the room. As I looked up, a blue beam would instantly descend, totally surrounding me.

Immediately, I began to feel very drowsy, with a deep need for sleep. My eyelids became very heavy and closed. I inwardly sensed another flash of bright light, quickly followed by an elevator-like sensation that lasted for a few minutes. When it stopped, I was lying on my own bed, looking around at my bedroom. The grogginess lingered for another ten minutes. I had just completed another marvelous session with Washta!

Those 'up and down' trips were the highlight of my young life. What an exciting adventure it was to learn in the special environment of the Mothership! Each trip brought me new information, or innovative ways to employ the old. In that world, I was surrounded by a great, compassionate Love, as well as the inclination to grow constantly in wisdom. Each day, I looked forward to the opportunity to explore their exemplary 'school'.

Every so often, Washta, wishing me to meet the crew and understand their environment, took me to other parts of the Mothership. These pleasant excursions gave me a chance to learn about Sirian culture, and to experience a bit of it, firsthand. Above all, I was continually astonished by their technology. The way the ship's vast crew interfaced with this technology never ceased to amaze me.

One of my most enjoyable 'field trips' was to the control rooms. They were located in the center of the Mothership and consisted of three large, interconnected rooms. The first room was used by the 'flight crew'. Their task was to become one with the ship, its navigational computers and propulsion system.

They sat on special chairs in a dimly lit room with no visible instrumentation. The fantastic technology was contained in the chairs. Each one was created of a special, artificially made, organic material, designed to curl up, exactly, around whoever occupied it: while the ship was in operation, a direct, telepathic link connected the ship's computers and its flight crew. Each crewmember simply observed what was going on and made specific telepathic adjustments as needed.

The other two rooms in this large complex were full of very exotic-looking instrumentation, including many holographic monitors. They were mounted near the high ceilings, and in the middle of some very peculiar-looking instruments. The monitors were arranged in two or three large rows around the walls, which also contained all sorts of specially designed meters, switches and dials. In each room there were well over 100 people, whose primary mission was to support the flight crew in carrying out their various tasks.

As part of this complicated mission, these crews monitored the Mothership's flight path and exchanged information with the flight crew on the ship's propulsion systems, its many life support systems, et cetera. Their secondary tasks included partial supervision of all scientific activity occurring aboard ship. In addition, they maintained continuous communications with the other two or three Sirian Motherships in their small fleet. They were extremely busy and, whenever I entered this vital section of the Mothership, I felt that I was walking through its brain and central nervous system.

En route from the control rooms back to our 'classroom', we passed the main geology laboratories. Washta delighted in walking me past a few of these labs and then asking me if I wanted to visit them. Here, he gave me the opportunity to converse directly with the Earth Devas. Our Earth is actually a conscious, living entity. A wide range of special Beings assist Mother Earth in maintaining the wondrously diverse collection of living things that are her precious cargo.

The Devas view these labs as a 'home away from home', and have transformed each of them into living examples of Mother Earth herself. Her sky, her many types of terrain and her many water environments are all represented in the labs. To enter one is like gaining entrée to a living hologram, which describes, in minute detail, how the Earth really works.

Another fun visit was to the main repair and storage facilities, which occupied nearly a quarter of the ship's total floor space. (See Figure 3: Inside the Great Ship.) Here, I encountered some very unusual artificial life forms. Like the Mothership herself, all working machines on the ship were bioorganic in nature, endowed with a personality and fond of conversing as they carried out their various tasks.

Each machine gladly described to me the many day-to-day chores required in running a large, interstellar spaceship. The walls of the huge cargo holds reached as high as 200 feet (just over 60 meters) and glowed in different colors. To the bioorganic machines, each color indicated where items were to be taken, removed from, or stored. Yet, my favorite places were the crew's lounges and recreational areas, where I met and conversed with the ship's off-duty personnel.

Sirians, by nature, are very gregarious. They loved to talk with me about events on board their spaceship and answered my questions about the intricacies of their society. I passed many hours of my extracurricular studies with them. I saw, at first-hand, their spontaneous interactions as they spoke. Their openness and inner joy, as well as their deep confidence and complete harmony, were all clearly evident and never ceased to amaze me. Their voices resonated with intense mutual compassion and all crewmembers expressed themselves freely on any subject. Their luminous energy frequently brought tears to my eyes. In my opinion, it was the way we humans were meant to be - freely interacting with total joy and perfect, complete love.  On occasion, Washta introduced me to a noted scholar or some other renowned Galactic Federation of Light dignitary. These rare meetings brought me face to face with fully conscious humans who were highly honored in their respective societies. I was also allowed to directly experience fully conscious reality, which Washta often said was Earth's future state.

According to Washta, Earth is simply a unique soul experience that teaches us many important lessons about limited consciousness. In all its varied forms, life's divine goal is to share its experiences with its many different aspects. In so doing, each Being gleans extraordinary and powerful wisdoms from every other. Washta used these encounters to prove his point, and each session allowed me to experience the heart-felt insights of some remarkable women and men.

During those meetings, I was allowed to visit another star-nation's Mothership, or a new part of the Sirian Mothership. I was curious to compare the designs of the different ships.

Pleiadean and Andromedan Motherships were astonishingly organic: the two star-cultures loved to create habitats and communities, which mirrored, in minute detail, their home planets. During visits to scholars' homes, we walked through immense fields, viewed multi-moon skies,climbed steep hills or crossed a strangely designed bridge over a very wide, wild stream. Throughout these sojourns, I reveled in the diversity of yet another star-culture. Each Being we met symbolized how magnificently life has given each of us an important role to play in the Creator's ever-unfolding Creation drama.

The most interesting Beings I ever met were the tall, horse-like and very matter-of-fact Arcturians. A very old species, whose sentient culture had seen the rise and fall of many galactic 'situations', the Arcturians had witnessed many star-cultures come, go, or be transformed. They taught me about time and its role in introducing the divine plan to this galaxy.

An important part of their sacred essence was the art of healing. Earth and its peoples were to be healed and their deep wounds cleansed. Earthlings were to learn the ways of harmony and the mutual joys of compassion. Life is a blessed experience: at its heart is the free sharing of knowledge. This partaking forms the core of the Galactic Federation's philosophy of Light, which is about to shine its full and complete Love upon this planet.

The many Andromedan star-cultures were another exceptional group of Beings. Extremely Earth-like in appearance, they were noted, within the Galactic Federation, for their great spiritual knowledge, which had greatly advanced the science of consciousness. Their scholars taught me, inspiringly, about consciousness, Creation and the unfolding of the Creator's sacred blueprint.

In their wisdom, they had constructed some of the most amazing interiors that I ever saw on any Galactic Federation Mothership. They had reproduced their home-world environments in exquisite detail. Moreover, utilizing holographic technology, they developed and exactly replicated a version of agriculture that they called 'Light farming'.

The Andromedans believe that to be in the midst of growing fields enhances one's perspective of life and its many processes. It elevates one's appreciation of the connection of one part of life to every other. Their large farms exist not for the actual work of harvest, but for the specific and sacred experience of watching and talking to the fields, experiencing the Devas, and knowing intimately how a biosphere works.

Andromedans desire to feel and see the nature of their reality. Each is a steward and an astute caretaker of the broad diversity of life in this galaxy. In these fields, they conduct group and individual rituals, which connect them magically to their home-worlds and to all the other home-worlds in this galaxy.

Closely connected to the Andromedans are the Pleiadeans, who revere them as their most honored mentors. A major component in the relationship between these two star-cultures lies in the Andromedans' ever gentle nudging of their Pleiadean counterparts to thoroughly transform the inner essences of Pleiadean culture.

Over countless millennia, the culture of the Pleiadeans, those great warriors of the Galactic Federation, grew overly patriarchal and encumbered by a protracted series of intricate rules. During each galactic war, endless waves of enemy Alliance fleets briefly invaded their far-flung Star League. Yet, this noble culture survived.

To their credit, they not only survived but also maintained their integrity as a people. This constant war-torn environment had somewhat stratified the heart of Pleiadean culture. Each faction greatly distrusted the others. Yet, a great common bond (love of their home-worlds) promised to move their culture to its fullest levels of development.

The Andromedans' superior science led many Pleiadean star-nations in the Star League to invite several eminent Andromedans to become consultants to their ritual-based and rule-bound sacred Orders. These dedicated women and men came to the Pleiades to impart their deep reverence for Life, and to spread a consciousness typical of Andromedan reality. This infusion of new energy, full of harmony and cooperation, was a breath of fresh air. Its increasing influence began, slowly, to transform Pleiadean society.

The constant exchange of key personnel gradually altered the very essence of Pleiadean civilization. Legendary patriarchal warriors were gradually returning to their nearly forgotten roots as galactic humans. Little by little, the process began to make significant inroads into Pleiadean culture. During a visit to a Mothership, I could feel a new energy. The crew greeted me with great enthusiasm and made constant remarks about the new  Andromedan influence.

This Pleiadean Mothership was part of the Science and Exploration fleets, whose primary task it is to explore this galaxy. Whenever appropriate, they offer Galactic Federation membership to any star-nation that fulfills certain prerequisites. Much larger than our Sirian Mothership, and quite different in design, this craft seemed to be three Motherships, united only by a series of central connectors.

Each section of these ships was devoted to a specific task. Living quarters were extremely spacious, resembling those of the Andromedans in design. Laboratories took up one of the apparently linked ships. Like separate and fully self-sufficient worlds, these Motherships rarely returned to their Pleiadean home world. Instead, they spent many of our centuries traversing and exploring this immense galaxy.

On my return from these visits, Washta, or one of my teachers, often quizzed me on what I had observed. My Sirian hosts felt that I needed to observe the diversity of the Galactic Federation of Light: in spite of its inherent variety, great harmony exists to spread the Light throughout this galaxy. This was their divine mission to Earth. Earth was a world in transition, desperately needing to fulfill its sacred destiny. Our task was to help her and her developing civilization to achieve these lofty objectives. The time for direct interference was still far off in the future. This was a time for preparation and study.

My studies with the Sirians made school on Earth seem very dull and unrewarding. Whenever I confided my experiences to schoolmates, they made fun of me and called me a liar. They often repeated my words to our teachers and their reports would result in my being punished. For this reason, I had few friends; however, those few I had were loyal.

Again and again I asked Washta: "How do I fit into this very strange world called Earth?" He always told me that, to my peers, I did, indeed, appear strange and quite different: "Earthlings are not yet ready for us." The reaction of so many proved him quite correct. Yet, I wanted to share these wonderful experiences with someone. That someone soon became my younger sister, Susan.

Susan was a delicate child, habitually bed-ridden until she was about 12 years old. While she was still very young, we began to experience the Sirians together. It was a great joy for me to have someone who validated my own experiences.

My instructors/counselors on the Mothership treated Susan very well. She began a course of study that enabled her to make good use of resources available on Earth and led me to rediscover Buffalo's public libraries. Acquisition of knowledge became our deep passion and our main mission as children. Aided by my amazing photographic memory, I collected, categorized and finally memorized this knowledge.

Understandably, these experiences instilled in Susan a deep interest in metaphysics. For example, in 1975, she moved to Seattle. Eventually, she joined a leading metaphysical group, the Theosophical Society, and soon became manager of Seattle's Quest Bookshop. Later, she resigned to study nursing. While she was in charge of the bookstore, however, Susan received special management training at the Theosophical Center in Wheaton, Illinois, among other places. Thus, she developed a considerable knowledge of business management and a detailed comprehension of metaphysics and Theosophy.

While Susan was still in Buffalo in the early 1970s, she joined the Theosophical Society. The Buffalo chapter included a few older members who knew some of the founders of the Theosophical Society's American branch. These people had also worked at the London office; through them, Susan furthered her interest in metaphysics and, especially, in Theosophy. Even today, she retains fond memories of the people she met in the Buffalo and Seattle branches of the Theosophical Society.

My photographic memory was one of my most prized mental tools. I was able to read anything and quote it from memory. In high school, I frequently corrected my history teachers' mistakes by reciting from our history text and concluding my correction with the page and paragraph number. Eventually, after much prodding, my teachers would often ask me if what they had just told the class was correct. Additionally, I used these talents more constructively by comparing all the knowledge I had gleaned from many Earth-bound libraries to what the Sirians had long taught me.

To my way of thinking, most of the information I gathered from local libraries seemed scattered and rather primitive, lacking the integration of Sirian knowledge. Earth, as Washta said, was a planet in transition. Earth's science denied realities that had been part of the Galactic Federation's technical manuals for millions of years.

During my childhood, our cosmologists on Earth were waging a silly intellectual battle between the 'Big Bang' theory and the 'Steady State' theory. Neither was absolutely correct, yet the 'Steady State' theory was closer to the truth. The 'Big Bang' theory indicated to me that many scientific hypotheses were incomplete. Each proponent was seeing the signs in the Heavens, as they would like them to be, not as they really were.

Deeply tied to a fixed vision, the major scientific theorists of the day followed this parochial rationalism. Their narrow view clearly excluded consciousness as a possible answer to their theories. They constantly went to painstaking lengths to refute its possibility. The spiritual science of the stars was an unwanted child whose wisdom many openly disdained.

The only opening in this otherwise closed society was the then-infant field of quantum physics. When I was barely a teenager, many of my teachers saw it as a very poor excuse for science. In its place, they flaunted the work of Newton, Einstein or some other scientific giant but, owing to my esoteric knowledge, these 'pioneers of science' failed to instill any great passion in me.

Nevertheless, science, as practiced on this planet, became quite important to me. I needed to use its succinctness to verify the data that I had previously collected. In this way, I intended to move this jumbled body of knowledge in an essential new direction, toward the science of consciousness. To do so, it was necessary for me to present Time, Space, Light and other lesser-known elements of Creation in a compelling way to Earth's scientists and to the general public.   My goal was to imbue Earth's science with the profound excitement I had felt during my instruction on the Motherships. The question of how to accomplish this plagued me.  Consequently, I spent a major portion of my junior and senior high school studies focused on determining an answer to my dilemma. If I were to successfully fulfill my goal, a major leap forward in the current perceptions of Earth scientists would, obviously, be required.

I planned, first, to distinguish myself in science. In the late 1950s, many junior science programs were available, offering students the chance to spend their summers in actual research laboratories located either in a private business or on a college campus. One summer, I worked at the polymer laboratory of a local private chemical research center. The tasks were menial: I washed out test-tubes, made sure that all laboratory equipment had been put away properly, and avidly observed what was going on. This way, I was able to 'get into' the researchers' heads, to learn what made them tick and what projects excited them.

To accomplish my 'research', I often stood, for short periods of time, in a far, dark corner of one of the countless hallways of this facility. Frequently, several researchers walked by, completely engrossed in discussion, and I would follow them, lagging behind by five to ten steps. My self-directed project was to telepathically listen to their intense conversation, thus enabling me to quickly learn both their scientific terminology and its proper presentation.

After a month of this activity, I had become proficient in the use of their jargon. By that time, I was able to completely merge, psychically, with another person's consciousness and Full Self. In that way, I was able to discover what their Full Self deeply wished to tell them. Usually, I noticed, they remained in total denial of its message, unless fast asleep or in a meditative, creative mode.

One day, in a hallway during a break, I observed two researchers, caught up in a terrible quandary over how to create a certain type of polymer chain. The resultant new plastic was the reason for their mutual research. I followed ten steps behind them and 'tapped in'. Each had an immense mental block that caused them to intellectually flounder about and prevented them from jointly solving their problem. Of course, their two Full Selves had the solution, but their blocks kept any kind of inner communication from occurring. With the permission of their True Selves, I joined in telepathically.

Completely absorbed, the two researchers were unable to distinguish my inner voice from their outer ones. They heard their own and mine, simultaneously, and never recognized the difference. A rousing and highly creative conversation ensued, in which both men became aware that there was a third person behind them, whose expertise was solving their many months of failed research. This intense scientific conversation continued all the way back to their laboratory on the far side of the building.

Before reaching their destination, they asked this third party to join them in a brainstorming session in their office. Only at this point did either turn to greet me. Expressions of astonishment and deep reproach betrayed their great surprise. As they left me, I saw them resume the same conversation that had just ended so abruptly. However, I had achieved my goal by solving their problem.

Incidents such as these occurred infrequently over the next two months. They revealed much of what I needed to know about how people involved in science functioned. Suddenly, I understood that they were given to the same fears and denials as my teachers, my fellow students and their parents. Unfortunately, scientists usually rejected my assistance and promptly labeled me an outsider.

In high school, I became deeply involved in researching quantum physics, devouring everything on the subject and anything related to it. As a result, I developed a strong interest in sub-atomic physics and astrophysics. I aspired to attend college to study with a couple of professors who had done their major research at Brookhaven. My intention was to do the same. Most students, except for those deeply involved in the shared pursuit of a scientific career, ostracized me. But, at long last, I had found my niche. This awareness resulted in some profound philosophical conversations with Washta and his circle of Sirian counselors and instructors, regarding the direction that my future would take.

During periods on board the Mothership, I interacted with technologies that people on this planet would be in awe of today. Then I would return to my parents and all the tyranny and dysfunction that I associated with home. I began to ask myself which world had I to live in - the world of the ships, or the one down here. As my confusion increased, so, too, did my ambivalence. Eventually, I decided that I had to live in this world. I envisioned myself developing a truly novel approach to science that would cause physics to undergo a transition and infuse it with a new spiritual outlook that would transform this world.

The stark contrast between the Mothership and my earthly environment took its mental and emotional toll. By my fifteenth year, it had become absolutely overwhelming. Washta told me that moving permanently to the ships was not an option that was available to me. My focus must be on my earth life and my mission. When the Sirians gave me the chance, I decided to put an end to their visits. I told them to leave. Their gentle answer was, "Okay, it is your free will to choose that. Know, however, that you are destined to complete your service. At the appropriate time, we shall return."

Before leaving, Washta and his entourage informed me of many things. They told me that the next few decades would be a time for me to explore who I was and who I wished to become. It would be a period for me to learn more about the Earth and its peoples. I was to choose how best to handle this situation. After an intensely arduous inner dialogue, I responded by asking them to leave. It was my desire to pursue a career in science. They agreed and, shortly thereafter, ceased all formal contact with me. It felt very strange, indeed, to be without most of my psychic abilities. Soon, also, I deeply missed the gentle direct guidance of Washta. However, I was not completely on my own: unbeknownst to me, Washta had assigned a special group to watch me secretly and see that I came to no harm.

My science career never really got off the ground. As a college freshman, I encountered a certain Newton-mechanics professor, Vice-Chairman of the Physics Department, who was notorious for flunking out those students who didn't measure up to his standards of what constituted a physicist. During the summer and fall of 1965, I therefore changed my major from Physics to Political Science. Eventually, I took a degree in Area Studies, followed by a Masters in Southeast Asian Government and a Ph.D. program in American Government and International Public Administration.

During my last period of Graduate School, I met a few people who were keenly interested in the remarkable discoveries of Nikola Tesla. As a child, Tesla had been my principal 'science hero' and I had never abandoned my deep admiration for his many phenomenal achievements. Like many who had studied his work, I strongly believed that he was the man whose scientific discoveries and inventions created the Twentieth Century. The chance to work on a documentary of Tesla's life arose, and I took it.

The documentary on Nikola Tesla lured me, gradually, into the very unusual world of 'free energy' physics and other types of alternative science. Ultimately, in 1986, this influenced me to contact certain individuals who stimulated my interest, once again, in the Sirians' mission. By 1987, my contact with Washta and his team of counselors/instructors had resumed. The instruction I had received as a child began again, and continued for the next six years. In 1993, I began to lecture and do workshops on what I had been told. The rest, as they say, is history.

In 1986, the return of Comet Haley and its companion, Comet Wilson, led me on a circuitous path whose final destination, one year later, was a grand reunion with my Sirian guide, Washta. He told me that the time had come to renew old acquaintances and that I should begin a new series of studies on the materials first taught me in my childhood. The time was nearing, in the coming decade, for the beginning of my mission on Mother Earth.

From the 1990s till the present, I have lectured, both nationally and internationally, on the materials taught me by Washta and his host of teachers. As a formal representative of the Galactic Federation, I explained the first contact mission to the peoples of this world. In November of 1997, I founded the Planetary Activation  Organization (PAO).

The Planetary Activation Organization (PAO) is an international, non-sectarian organization with headquarters in Maui, Hawaii. Its mission is to encourage Earth guardianship and to prepare the planet for a major shift in consciousness. To carry out this mission, Planetary Activation Groups (PAGs) were formed. The PAO has approximately 2200 registered Planetary Activation Groups around the world that connect and interact globally through the Internet, faxes, and telephones. These groups are semi-autonomous, self-organizing, and inner-directed. Almost every month, worldwide, PAGs participate, with various other groups, in global meditations and prayers for peace to demonstrate the power of group consciousness and intention.

On a local level, PAGs serve their communities through projects that uplift, inspire, and invite participation in creating healthy, self-reliant communities. Projects reflect group members' unique talents and abilities (as artists, scientists, musicians, business people, etc.) in offering awareness and solutions to community issues. In these groups, they discover how to work in harmony and cooperation by practicing the principles of Fluid Group Dynamic™ developed by Sheldan Nidle.

Fluid Group Dynamics™ is an organizing technique that allows any group to successfully manage itself while respecting each member's sovereignty. Personal sovereignty is based on the belief that all humans have a unique knowledge or gift that they can contribute to a group's purpose. Management is fluid because it allows each person to act according to his or her inner guidance and allows the group situation to creatively flow.
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